End User License Agreement

Mgr. art. Martin Fek Software License Agreement

Based on the § 65 of the Act No. 185/2015 on the copyright law and the rights connected with the Author’s Act in force
concluded between:
provider of license (Mgr. art. Martin Fek hereinafter referred to only as “provider”)
end user of font software (hereinafter referred to only as “user”)
Subject Matter of Agreement

  1. Subject mater of Agreement is providing the right to usage of font software. The provider provides the user with the right to usage of font software after receiving the remuneration.
  2. Provider pronounces that he is the author of the font software and s/he is competent for granting approval for its usage.
    Rights and duties of contracting parties
  3. User is allowed to use the font software since the very day of its entrance from provider, eventually since the day of installation throughout the duration of efficiency of the license agreement. Front software may be installed and used only in one (1) computer, which may be connected to an optional number of output devices (like laser and inkjet printer, image setter, and similar), while font software may be downloaded to memory (hard disk or RAM) of only one (1) output device. By downloading to memory it is understood transmission of data for the purpose of permanent usage of the font in this particular output device. Font software may be used only by computer which is in ownership of user.
  4. Usage of font software in several computers or downloading it into several backing storages is permitted only after purchasing and granting of extending (multi) license. For more information visit the website of the provider: www.carnoky.com
  5. Font software is protected by the Author’s Act and without the permission of the provider it must not be copied and published. The user (together with third person) is not entitled to copy the font software and enable third person to use it without the previous approval of provider. User cannot provide, sell, let, broaden, changed, and allow other person (neither for reward nor for free) to use it. Moreover s/he is not allowed to convert or changed by other means, adjust, or modified.
  6. User may not change or remove the name of font software, author’s signature, copyright, and trade mark in all documents.
  7. Creation or giving permission for creating imitations of font software (or its parts) or letters delivered from the font software is strictly prohibited.
  8. User is entitled to promote sings of font software as graphic (vector) objects in drawing programs and subsequently to modify them as graphic objects.
  9. The user ensures the font software from any possibility to obtain, use, or modify it without authorization. The user is obliged to protect the font software from downloading it by the third person or misusing it in other way. It is allowed to provide the copy of the font software in a particular document only if this printer-office or other service department is already an owner of the font software license agreement.
  10. Embedding of the font software in electronic, digital documents or web sites is allowed only if it is protected by read-only mode. User is obliged to secure it will not be possible to obtain or copy by any means the font software from this documents.
  11. User is permitted to make a back-up copy of font software for archival purposes. User is obliged to copy on backing storage together with the Font Software License Agreement and typeface specimen.
  12. User is obliged to initiate in all printed matters and other documents, in which the font software is used, the name of typeface and copyright clause of author.
    E.g. Kubbo regular © Martin Fek, 2021
    Sanctions and Guarantee
  13. In the case of breaking any conditions for using the font software mentioned in the Article II of this License Agreement, user is obliged to pay the Ä100 sanctions for each individual breaking the liability. The arrangement of the contract fine does not influence the right for reparation of damages.
  14. Provider guarantees the serviceability of the font software for ninety (90) days since the day of its entrance. During the guaranty time, provider grants reparation or exchange of the font software free of charge. Warranty does not include converted, modified, or in other way changed fonts. On free font software or versions of font software that are available for free the warranty is not concerned.
  15. Provider is not responsible for damages on font software that appear due to the incorrect usage of font software (deleting, duplicating, viruses), damages caused by third person (e.g. thievery), situations for which is third person responsible for, or damages evocated by irreversible circumstances (e.g. calamity).
  16. Provider is not responsible for output, results, or saleability of the products in which the font software was used and for any damages which could be caused by the use of the font software.
    Effectiveness and Cancellation of Agreement
  17. This agreement is concluded for an indefinite period of time and shall enter into force on the day when the provider gives the permission for using the font software.
  18. Agreement may be canceled by mutual release or there must be given a written notice by one of the contract parties.
  19. If the provider withdraws from the contract, the end user is obliged to return the font software to the provider or destroy it without an occurrence of claim to refund of a fee.
  20. If the end user seriously violates the agreed-upon rights of the license agreement, or caused a damage, or loss of property, or culpably benefits at the expense of the provider, the provider can discharge the license agreement. The discharge of the license agreement comes into the effect on the date of delivering the discharge of the license agreement to the user.
    Closing Provisions
  21. Rights and duties that are not treated in this Agreement will be governed by the Copyright Law, the Commercial Code, and other legal regulations in force in Slovak Republic.
  22. All other rights in relation to the font software are exclusive properties of the provider as an outcome of her/his creative work and intellectual property (e.g. the name of the font).
  23. Contracting parties acknowledge that they have read this agreement and understand it before using the font software.